Trump Scorecard-An Assessment of His First Three Years

Fiscal prudence matters, the only president to reduce the
national deficit in modern times was Clinton
Trump has blown up the federal deficit, which has
increased 39% (Davidson,

in 2019 alone, and directly reflects tax cuts he gave to the top 2% and big
corporations. The national debt is now $1,000,000,000,000 (a trillion). The
entire GDP of the US is 20 trillion (about 25% of global GDP). That’s a lot
of debt to service and less money for other programs.
To understand what this means think of the world as a
community pot of money where foreign investors, largely China buy US debt as
an investment. Should they ever cease to do this, the nation would have a historically massive depression, ruining the livelihoods of your children and grandchildren.
Increased the risk for global terrorism by facilitating
the release of Isis members held in Syria after pulling US troops out
Trump pulled US troops out of Syria, where our allies, the
Kurdish army (where women are fighters) were slaughtered without warning and forced
to side with Russian ally, Assad.
The complete and total betrayal of long-standing US ally,
the Kurdish Army, has resulted in the growing power of Putin, who controls
Reduced the competitiveness and efficiency of US motor
vehicles and accelerated the growth in greenhouse gases by rejecting Environmental
Protection Agency scientific recommendations
Trump has rolled auto fuel efficiency standards back to 37
MPG versus 54 under the Obama Administration. He is also attempting to force
all states to accept his reduced standards for fuel efficiency and greenhouse
gas causing exhaust. For decades 17 states have chosen to comply with
California standards, including Washington.
Like Reagan he longs for the 1950’s, but the rest of the
world has moved on with higher performing vehicles and more efficient
infrastructure for the future. Retarding innovation in the US will not help
with jobs or economic security, let alone offsetting damaging global pollution-we’ll
all be choking on US exhaust soon enough.
Ripping up long standing agreements with US allies, including
NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Trump’s current budget includes significant reductions in
funding NATO, which is a bulwark against Russia aggression to our European
The world is a small place and shredding agreements with
our allies will not make the US stronger, but plays directly into Putin’s
hands and could potentially help China.
Interfering with Military Tribunal Findings for War
Trump threw out the prison sentences for three Navy Seal
members convicted of war crimes, overruling the highest command when removal of
the Navy Seal Trident for these miscreants was imminent.
All branches of the military require a kind of blind
service based on honor. Humiliating seven peers who testified against Gallagher
does not enhance this valor or the safety of our troops.
Has used public money to finance religious based sham family
planning clinics which do not provide basic birth control education or
It is unconstitutional to use public funds to promote any
religious perspective in education or healthcare or anything in the public
Our founding fathers specifically created a secular
constitution to avoid conflicts among sectarian groups. Freedom of religion
doesn’t mean your ability to impose your will on others, but their freedom
from religious tyranny.
Undermined the Affordable Care Act by making it more
difficult for people to enroll and eliminated some funding sources
The ACA or Obamacare was a revenue neutral bipartisan act
that created a marketplace for millions of Americans to get medical care by
subsidizing the purchase of medical insurance. The ACA also removed the
pre-existing conditions exclusion and other onerous insurance industry
Making it more difficult for working class people to get
healthcare undermines the economy and especially family survival. The US
birth rate is at an all-time low because of family concerns over the high
cost of healthcare, childcare, and education that have gone unanswered under

Your Health Care Worker Influenza Data & Enforcement Moving Forward


In February 2012, the Colorado Board of Health passed Rules 6 CCR 1011-1 Chap 02, Part 10 regarding influenza vaccination of employees in licensed health care facilities. The goal of this rule is to promote patient safety by protecting vulnerable patients from influenza. The rule requires facilities to continue to implement strategies to prevent influenza.

For the 2016-2017 year, CDPHE will be required to publish healthcare worker influenza data by facility in addition to the standard yearly report of aggregate data. Please review individual Facility Reporting through October 2016 to ensure that your community’s data has been accurately captured.   

Enforcement Moving Forward:

All health care facilities licensed by the department must comply with the regulations set forth in 6CCR 1011-1 Chapter II, which contains requirements for influenza immunization of healthcare workers under Part 10. The department evaluates each facility’s compliance with these regulations, specifically Part 10, at the time of routine survey inspections. Should a facility be found out of compliance with these requirements, a deficiency may be issued, along with a requirement for the facility to submit an acceptable plan of correction.

FREE Long-term Care Infection Prevention Training!

The Infection Prevention Unit, within the Healthcare Associated Infections Program of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, will be offering a FREE two-day infection prevention training event focused on reducing healthcare associated infections within the long-term care environment. 

This training is intended for a facility’s specified person (e.g., Staff Development Coordinator, ADON, DON) who is responsible for coordinating the infection control program.

To learn more about this training and to find out how to register, view the flyer.

Update: Trainings are scheduled in May for Boulder, Greeley, and Montrose. CDPHE has no immediate plans to schedule additional trainings. 

If you have any questions, please contact Alana Cilwick (303.692.2727) or Injection Safety Coordinator at CDPHE.

TB Update and Skin Testing Practicum for Health Care Providers

The Denver Metro TB Clinic and the CDPHE Tuberculosis Program invite nurses and other health care providers from home health agencies, clinics, and long-term care facilities to attend a tuberculosis update and skin testing practicum on Wednesday May 31st from 12:15 PM to 5 PM in the Public Health Auditorium, 2nd floor at Denver Public Health (605 Bannock Street, Denver). 

Course Objectives are:

§ Express an increased and updated knowledge of TB infection and TB disease

§ Demonstrate their skill in placing and reading the TST

Space is very limited so please register

 For more information please contact Carolyn
Bargman at 303-602-7243 or Christine Record at 303-692-2638
with any

Proposed Revisions to Chapters 2 and 5

The Division is proposing revisions to parts of Chapter 2, General Licensure, in order to comply with House Bill 15-1039 regarding the donation of unused medication and update several statutory and regulatory references. The proposed changes to Chapter 2 start at page 58 of the Proposed Amendments to Chapters 5 and 2.

Based upon comments received from the long term care stakeholder group, the Division has also made a few additional changes to the complete rewrite of Chapter 5. Those changes can be found at section 19.1(a)(1), 19.4 and 19.8(C) of the proposed amendments. 

For additional information concerning the meeting, please contact Laurie Schoder, Policy Analyst at 303-692-2832 or

Injection Safety and Vaccine Administration Errors at an Employee Influenza Vaccination Clinic — New Jersey, 2015

Please see the attached link to a CDC article describing the recent event in New Jersey of a RN reusing syringes while performing employee influenza vaccinations.
Please distribute widely within your organization.

Do you have an upcoming training that might benefit from Infection Prevention and/or Injection Safety materials and/or guest speakers?

Please contact Alana Cilwick (303.692.2727) at, Injection Safety Coordinator at CDPHE.

Visit the following link to access injection safety resources.

Space still available in January MDS 3.0 Classes *FREE*

ETA will offer new three-hour classes on specific MDS topics throughout the State in 2016. You may choose to take them all at once or individually as your interest and needs dictate. There is still available space in the first set of classes to be held in Denver, January 20-22, 2016.

MDS 101: How, When and Why Course ID: 1060069
This beginning class is how to get started. 

MDS 201: Item By Item Course ID 1060107
This practical application class reviews item-by-item data set completion. 

MDS 301: Course ID 1060109
This course assumes familiarity with the MDS Item Set with more advanced content and application.

To see additional session details and register for on-site attendance for one of these offerings:

1. Go to 
2. Log in to your existing CO.TRAIN account, or new users click “Create an Account”
3. Once you’ve logged in, or created an account, Search (top right) for the appropriate Course ID. (See above for desired training)
4. Click link for desired course.
5. Click the “Registration” tab.
6. Click the “Register” button for the session you wish to attend.
7. Remember to register separately for each desired course.

A detailed example of the above process (if needed)

Questions?: Please email

Chapter 5 Request for Rule-Making Hearing Packet

The Division is asking the Board of Health to schedule a public rule-making hearing for March 16, 2016 regarding proposed changes to Chapters 5 and 2. There have been 3 additional changes to the propsed Chapter 5 rules since the last version was posted. The additional changes are:

1. Correction of a statutory reference in the definition of telehealth.

2. The phrase “state and/or local” inserted before the term “Long-Term Care Ombudsman” at section 15.7(C), and

3. “Licensed nurse” was changed to “registered nurse” at section 7.17 to align with federal regulations.

The Request for Rule-making Hearing Packet may be viewed here:
For additional information concerning the meeting, please contact Laurie Schoder, Policy Analyst at 303-692-2832