4 Ways to Combat Obesity

It has been a habit by many of us to eat too much.  Even if our stomach is already shouting that it is already full, we just don’t mind it because our mouth is still craving for more. And because of our overeating habit, we become unaware that we are already gaining extra weight.

A person carrying extra pounds, which are not essential to his or her body, is what we call obese or is suffering from obesity. Obesity is now becoming a major health problem in many countries and Philippines is no exemption. With obesity, so many life-threatening diseases may arise. So before the bad things happen to us, it is good if as early as now we start combating obesity. How we can do it? Continue reading below.

Switch hands

According to the recent study from Southern University of that was featured on CNN.com, people who snacked using their no dominant hands reduced about 30% of their total intake, compared with those using their dominant hands. One of the reasons being linked into technique this is that you are disrupted. So the tendency is to finish your eating immediately.

Use smaller plates and utensils

Switching to smaller plates and utensils will make you become more aware of your food serving. Even if you are still hungry, you will be reminded of your extra weight so the tendency is to let yourself be satisfied with just one small serving.

Avoid eating-while-watching TV

If it has been your habit to eat while in front of the television, start avoiding it now. Television is one of the many factors that distract one’s eating behavior. So the more you concentrate on watching your favorite TV shows, the more you forget the feeling of fullness. So what happen is you keep on eating until the serving is gone or until the show is over. And this lead to additional body weight.

Keep active

Sedentary lifestyle has long been associated to obesity. People who are physically inactive have greater chances of becoming obese compared to active ones because they fail to burn the calories they consumed. These unused calories will favorably affect body fat distribution at the same time contribute to the high prevalence of obesity.

Watch out Your Diet

Becoming about the caloric content of the foods you consume is another effective way to prevent obesity. According to the book Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It, the inclusion of too many refined carbohydrates in today’s meals or foods is among the primary reasons why obesity is becoming an epidemic. In this book written by Taubes, he said that if we will limit our carbohydrate intake leads the body to store excess energy in fat cells that then results to obesity.

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