6 Good Reasons to Include Berries in Your Diet

How much do you know about
berries? Are you aware that berries are fleshy fruits produced from a single
ovary? Do you know that not all berries are perfectly round? That not all
berries are sour? That some berries are poisonous to humans? And lastly; do you
know that edible berries are also among those great fruits out there that are
highly recommended by health professionals with Littmann steth hanging on neck?

Yes, professionals who expertly
use Littmann steth would highly advise each and everyone to regularly eat berries
such as blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries because they bring a lot of
good benefits to the health. Among the top six good reasons of including
berries in your diet are:

  • Can prevent mental decline and
    other age-related illnesses.  A new
    scientific review, which was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food
    Chemistry, revealed that regular consumption of berries can help maintain good
    cognitive health because of their high levels of antioxidants, which helps protect
    cells from harmful free radicals that often cause inflammation in the brain and
    then resulting to neuronal damage.
  • Can help to keep a healthy and properly
    functioning digestive system. Berries contain high amount of fiber, which is
    very essential for a healthy diet. According to health experts with Littmann
    steth, insoluble fiber aids and speeds up the exertion of waste and toxins from
    the body. Soluble fibers, on the other hand, contribute to a healthy
    circulatory system by slowing down sugar absorption to maintain blood sugar to
    normal level, which is very beneficial for diabetic persons.
  • Help keep the tissues and blood
    vessels strong and healthy. Berries are known to have lots of tannin. Health
    professionals with Littmann steth hanging on their neck reveals that tannin is very
    essential in strengthening and tightening the various tissues of the body.
    Moreover, it also helps increase blood coagulation. With high amount of tannin
    in the body, cuts or wounds heal faster.
  • Can help promote a strong immune
    system and a healthy skin. Similar to other citrus fruits out there, berries
    are also an excellent source of vitamin C. Such vitamin is known for fighting
    off minor infections like sore throat, common cold, and irritation of the
    mouth. Vitamin C likewise helps in maintaining healthy and young looking skin.
  • Can help prevent the production growth
    of cancer causing cells. Aside from containing high amount of antioxidants,
    berries are also found to be rich in ellagic acid. These compounds are all
    beneficial in reducing free radicals that are known for developing cancer.
  • Can help promote a good urinary
    tract health. To patients with urinary tract infections or problems, health
    professionals who expertly use Littmann steth would recommend them to drink
    berries juice because in order to take advantage of the compounds that help
    prevent bacteria like E. coli from sticking on to the cells along the walls of
    urinary tract and often causes UTI.

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