A Stone-age prescription

Some of us have a lot to learn about health and our cave-dwelling ancestors

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A life with success and wealth is a desirable one. But a long life of suffering is definitely a miserable one.

While we are still young, we usually think of life as easy and with happy moments. That’s why many people, particularly the young, tend to spend their lives living recklessly. For instance, many spend a lot of time smoking, drinking, not getting enough quality sleep and pushing themselves beyond their limits.

Then they wonder why they start to lose their precious youthful looks sooner than they thought they would.

Some examples of the signs include: Their faces look dry and sunken, their eyes lose their glistening sparkle and dark patches develop around them.

This phenomenon is something is commonly called “human metamorphosis”.

To live a careless life is the quickest way to turn a young homosapien into an ageing one. They can even look elderly even in their teens.
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