Call for cases: Peritonitis in patients receiving peritoneal dialysis

To: Facility Administrators, please share with your staff and your Medical Directors

From: Healthcare Associated Infections Program within Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology.

Two health departments outside Colorado and CDC are currently investigating a cluster of peritonitis cases among patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis. Many of the peritonitis events under investigation were caused by Serratia marcescens or other gram-negative pathogens. There are no current cases in Colorado known to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

CDC is requesting U.S. clinicians report peritonitis cases in peritoneal dialysis patients treated by the same center that meet one of the following criteria:

– Two or more patients with peritonitis caused by Serratia spp. at the same dialysis center occurring since January 1, 2019.
– An increase in peritonitis caused by gram-negative organisms in patients receiving peritoneal dialysis.

To report identified cases in Colorado, please contact Alana Cilwick at include “Peritonitis cases” in the subject line of your email) or via phone at 303-692-2727. 

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