Chapter 5 Request for Rule-Making Hearing Packet

The Division is asking the Board of Health to schedule a public rule-making hearing for March 16, 2016 regarding proposed changes to Chapters 5 and 2. There have been 3 additional changes to the propsed Chapter 5 rules since the last version was posted. The additional changes are:

1. Correction of a statutory reference in the definition of telehealth.

2. The phrase “state and/or local” inserted before the term “Long-Term Care Ombudsman” at section 15.7(C), and

3. “Licensed nurse” was changed to “registered nurse” at section 7.17 to align with federal regulations.

The Request for Rule-making Hearing Packet may be viewed here:
For additional information concerning the meeting, please contact Laurie Schoder, Policy Analyst at 303-692-2832