Chlamydia May Play Role In SpA

It does not have to be Lyme!! Treat these infections although we may not know the name of all of them yet. Lowering the total body burden of pathogens is vital to success in most of these chronic, often auto- immune related, conditions.

I like Oxidative Medicine and UVB with Ozone but since not everyone is into that please learn to aggressively use ACS 200, 1 ounce to load and often ½ ounce twice a day for a week or a month depending on response. Of course, IV Ascorbic Acid helped by BIOE’NR-G’Y C that really MAINTAINS higher intracellular activity than any other Vitamin C available anywhere is a great way to offer help. I strongly recommend learning what is in Immuni-T-2, three caps bid to aid the body in keeping the pathogen load down. Read more…

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