Diabetes In Children

You wouldn’t usually associate diabetes with children and adolescents but diabetes is now one of the most chronic childhood diseases. Globally, an estimated 500,000 children under the age of 15 live with Type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes, once considered an adult health problem, is growing at an alarming rate in children as well.

Come November 14, the International Diabetes Federation and WHO together with United Nation will commemorate World Diabetes Day ( 2 Day ago). A two-year (2007 and 2008) focus on children hopes to raise awareness of the warning signs of diabetes and to promote healthy lifestyles to help prevent type 2 diabetes in children.

With huge increase in the number of children developing diabetes, chances are yu may know an affected family. Here are some of the signs of diabetes to look out :

>Frequent urination
>Excessive thirst
>Increased hunger
>Weight loss
>Lack of interest and concentration
>Blurred vision
>Vomiting and stomach pain (often mistaken as the flu)


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