Diabetes Test Diagnose With Blood

When a body produces higher levels of sugar within the bloodstream it is known as the disease diabetes. When someone has this disease, the body loses its ability to breakdown excess sugars by itself. In order to breakdown extra sugar you need to add insulin at regular intervals. The body will also require a diet specially constructed for someone with diabetes. If you think you may have diabetes, or it runs in your family, get a diabetes test done. The best test is a blood workup.

When doctors first suspect that someone has diabetes, they do diabetes tests to make certain. One of these tests is a glucose test. This is one of the first steps in the actual determination of diabetes being present. Besides this diabetes test doctors will also check for standard symptoms, medical history and a physical exam.

Sometimes the tests are not conclusive. Such as in the cases of someone who is extremely ill (illnesses cause your blood sugar to rise) as well as certain medications. Some medications that you take can raise your blood sugar levels to the point where it could show as though you are diabetic.