Diseases Caused By Excessive Perspiration

Excessive sweating is called as hyperhidrosis in the medical terminology. The hyperhidrosis condition causes a person not only physical embarrassment but also psychological discomforts. The body produces sweat for controlling the temperature of the body and to keep it cool. The thermoregulation of the body is accomplished by the production of sweat which is the function of the sweat glands in human beings. When there is excessive temperature the body generates sweat which is a mixture of water and certain other minerals, when the sweat comes in contact with the air it leaves the skin feeling cool and the temperature is thus reduced. The production of sweat in the body is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, however in some individuals the sympathetic nervous system is hyper active and it produces sweat more than is required

The excessive perspiration occurs in the palms of the hand, in the feet, and the groin area. The unfortunate thing about patients suffering from hyperhidrosis is that they get nervous due to hyperhidrosis and the nervousness then becomes the cause of excessive sweating in the individuals. Hyperhidrosis can be also caused by particular food and drinks, nicotine, caffeine and other stimulants. But the real cause of hyperhidrosis has not been yet arrived at by the investigators.

Body odor

The excessive perspiration causes a lot of sweat to be produced by the sweat glands and when the perspiration comes in contact with the bacteria in the air it disintegrates the sweat into different chemical configurations and body odor is produced. Body odor is the commonest disorder in persons with excessive perspiration, because it gives the bacteria its place to thrive. Patients with hyperhidrosis complain physical discomfort with wet clothes and shoes. Skin maceration from constant perspiration leads to wetness and it then can leads to the growth of bacteria. Excessive perspiration also encourages the growth of fungus. This growth can then lead to intertrigo in the axillae as well as bromhidrosis which is the foul-smelling sweat. The pitted keratolysis is also an infection of the plantar or the feet which is characterized by pits or craters and infection of the feet. The body odor disorder is caused by excessive sweating and it repulses anyone who comes in contact with the affected individual.

The psychological effects of hyperhidrosis

The psychological effects of hyperhidrosis are far greater than its physical manifestations. Because the person is always remains self conscious about his/her wet hands while shaking with someone.

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