EMR from Prespective of Pharma

Pharma companies have started working with clinical service providers and started using EMR’s from two prespectives

  • Data and Study Setup
  • Secondary Users Service

Data and Study Setup

Data and Study setup can be incorporated in a EMR to exploit the following features

  • Implement screening parameters into core EMR to identify prospective patients for pharma trials at point of care
  • Setup data capture from trials as part of clinical care and clinical documentation workflow
  • Populate data in care report forms automatically from EMR
  • Embed care record forms as tabs in core EMR so data is collected and stored against patient record
  • Implement clinical rules and alerts for compliance and range checks for data and structured documentation checks

Secondary Users Service

It can be used for the following

  • Easier data extraction from EMR for proper reporting on adverse events
  • Unified reporting of current and historical data
  • Findings can be published as standard clinical documentation
  • Monitor outcomes based on ICP’s and evidence based decision support

Example Implementations

Pfizer – Drug Safety -Supporting Physician Reporting of Adverse Reactions and Public Health Threats

NOVARTIS – Clinical Trial: Lab and Image Data – Innovating Clinical Data Capture for Labs and Images using EMR lab ordering and results reporting using HL7

Eli Lilly – Patient Visit Workflow – Streamlining the patient workflow using standard Inpatient and Outpatient workflows

genzyme – Disease Registry – Profiling diseases geographically and using other statistical profiling such as gender , age etc

SAIC – Biosurveillance -Standardizing and Facilitating Data Collection for Enhanced Biosurveillance

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