Family History May Predict Heart Attack More Than Stroke

(HealthDay News) — Genetics may play more of a role in heart attacks than in strokes, a new British study suggests.

“A family history of heart attack appears to be a stronger risk factor for heart attack than a family history of stroke is for stroke,” said study author Amitava Banerjee, a clinical lecturer in cardiovascular medicine at the University of Birmingham in England.&13;

The findings should alter the way doctors predict a patient’s risk of heart attack and stroke based on family history, the researchers said. And, “genes and genome-wide association studies may not be critical to the field of stroke research,” Banerjee added.&13;

Both stroke and heart attack are leading killers of adults in the United States.&13;

For their report, published in the August issue of Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics, Banerjee’s team collected data from the Oxford Vascular Study on 906 people who had heart attacks and 1,015 stroke survivors. Read more…&13;

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