Food Safety Inspections Collaborative


Through a collaborative process during 2015, food safety inspections were conducted jointly by the Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division and the Division of Environmental Health and Sustainability, at a small percentage of nursing facilities and assisted living residences. These inspections are continuing during 2016 with the goal of surveying a higher percentage of facilities.

We are excited to welcome Jamie Wyatt to the department as an Environmental Protection Specialist. He will be conducting the food safety inspections. Jamie’s focus will be on food borne illnesses risk factors such as holding temperatures, cooking temperatures, hygienic practices, etc. Staff education in conjunction with the inspection will be provided. 

During this collaborative process, Jamie will be conducting inspections as part of the licensing/certification surveys or on his own. Please help us welcome Jamie to Colorado (he is a transplant from Florida) and into the survey process for long term care providers. Questions regarding this collaboration can be addressed to:

Margaret Mohan 303-692-6484 or 
Elaine McManis 303-692-2886 or