Hair Straighteners – Which Are The Best?

With the trend moving towards straight hair, many women yearn for the straight hair look. But if you are not lucky to have straight hair naturally, you need not fret because there are many hair straightening options that you can choose from.

Depending on how frizzy your hair is, you may want to choose one of these options.

Thermal reconditioning is a permanent method that is likely to take about 6 months to show the final results. This method uses chemical ingredients and therefore provides great results. But as with all chemical options, this is not really recommended for those who have hair that is thin, brittle or damaged. This should also never be the first option that you choose since you may not really like the look that you have and may want to go back to your natural style.

Ion Hair Restructuring is a method that was invented in Japan and is becoming popular these days. The technology used is complex and uses a method that infuses ions into the follicles of the hair. This process changes the basic structure of the molecules of the hair. This treatment takes a long time and can only be done in professional salons. However, the outcomes are long lasting and very flattering.

Blow dry is a method that can be used by almost anyone and can be done at home. It involves a simple, but time taking action of brushing your hair multiple times while drying them. This is an amateurish way of straightening hair and unlike the Sedu hair straighteners can never really straighten hair completely.

Hair irons are the most favored of the hair straightening methods and the Sedu hair straighteners have been the most popular. Made of two metallic or ceramic plates, these can be use by anyone in the comfort of the home. And these special Sedu hair straighteners are made to release a concentration of negative ions that helps faster straightening. The Sedu hair straighteners also heat up almost immediately and therefore save a lot of time and electricity in the process. The manner in which you should use a Sedu hair straightener is simple. Shampoo your hair and condition it well. Make sure to apply adequate levels of serum. Take a small portion of your hair and place it between the two plates of the Sedu hair straightener. Applying some pressure, work your way down and let the hair come out of the plates. So not stop till the ends of the hair have also gone through the plates of the Sedu hair straightener. On hair that is relatively frizzier, you may need to run the Sedu hair straightener a couple of times. Make sure that you choose the right temperature on the Sedu hair straightener to get the best results.