have your child’s eyes examined before school starts

How often do you bring your child to an eye doctor for check-ups and consultation? For sure many of us don’t give so much importance on regular eye examination.

Eye check-ups and consultation are very important part of health maintenance not just for kids but for everyone. It is imperative for adults to visit their eye doctor for regular vision testing to ensure an updated prescription at the same time to immediately detect signs of eye problems or disease. Meanwhile for kids, eye examination plays crucial in normal development.

If a child has eye problems or is visually impaired, he or she will be limited to explore the interesting objects in the environment. Hence, he/she will miss the opportunities to have experiences and to learn. Aside from child’s cognitive development, visual impairment likewise affects his/her social behavior.

And since poor vision is one of the factors that affect child’s academic performance, August is designated in the United States as Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month that aims to increase public awareness of the importance of proper eye care for children. Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month is also an ideal indication for every parent to have their child’s eyes thoroughly examined prior to heading back to school.

By the way, here are the two most common form of corrective devices an eye care specialist might recommend to a person with poor vision:

Image sources: eyeconx.com

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