If your facility submits its annual health care worker influenza data through the Health Facility Web Portal and you have not yet reported your 2015-16 data, please do so by this Thursday, March 31.

Reminder: If a facility has its own license and location, it must report separately, such as a home health, assisted living, or nursing home corporation that has multiple sites. When a facility type has multiple locations, those locations are licensed individually and therefore, should report separately. 

Agencies that have separately licensed facility types, even if they are at the same location, should report separately. Examples are a nursing home and assisted living residence at the same address, or a hospice and a home health agency at the same address. There are some health agencies that have separate licenses based on different functions but are in the same location with the same staff and these facilities may report only once.

Reporting requirements for your 2015-2016 data are listed below: 
HF Portal: 

– Timeframe to count employees for denominator: October 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015.
– Minimum number of days employees must work to be counted in denominator: 1 day (New Reporting Criteria – This is a change from the previous policy that required counting personnel who had worked at a facility for 30 days or more. The change was made to align with federal criteria that apply to facilities who report through the NHSN).
– Deadline to submit data through the HF Portal: March 31, 2016.

– If there are problems submitting your data through the Internet Explorer browser, you may use the following URL:https://www.hfemsd1.dphe.state.co.us/hfportal/hfstart.aspx.
– If you have trouble accessing the portal or reporting your data, please call Licensure Customer Assistance at 303-692-2836.

Additional resources can be found by visiting: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/categories/services-and-information/health/prevention-and-wellness/immunization and clicking on the Policy and Board of Health Rules tab. 

For other questions regarding the rule, please call Tamara Hoxworth at 303-692-2930 or Erica Bloom at 303-692-2789.