Health Care Renewal Bloggers to Speak About Changing Physician Behavior

And tooting our own horn a bit more….
Health Care Renewal blogger Wally Smith and I will be giving an advanced course at the Society for Medical Decision Making meeting in San Francisco, CA, on “Changing Physician Behavior.” We will give the course on Friday afternoon, October 21. The meeting itself runs from October 21 to Monday, October 24.
This course has evolved to address techniques used to change physicians’ behavior that “may not be used in patients’ best interests, or may drive physicians to violated their core professional values.” We hope to teach how to recognize “behavior techniques that risk conflicting with physicians’ core values,” as the first step in teaching physicians a defense against these techniques.
I should note that Dr. Smith and I are willing and eager to take this course, and a workshop on external threats to physicians’ professionalism based on the special symposium we gave at the 2005 Annual Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine, on the road, either as individuals, or together, schedule permitting. Anyone interested in having us present should contact me, rposes AT firmfound DOT org, or Dr. Wally Smith, wrsmith At vcu DOT edu.