How to Shave Body Hair Personal Area

As the growth of age, the hairs grow in different areas of your body as a sign of maturity hormone. And for women, hair growth on the private part was very disturbing indeed. Moreover, the hair on the bikini area will result in excessive moisture and potentially save a lot more dirt.

For that, shave regularly is the best solution. But no less an irritation on the part of many that have been shaved, plus the pain of shaving is a problem that is often experienced. So, quoted from Every College Girl, the steps below will reduce the problems mentioned above.

Determine how many will be shaved
If that be shaved more than a quarter inch in length, using scissors because it will be easier to manage. Some women push the process by using a standard razor. That would make the shaving messy and uneven.

Never shave when your skin is dry
Girl World Daily advise you to saturate the area to be shaved first. In addition will facilitate the process, wash with a wet towel is great for reducing pain when shaving.

Cover with shaving cream
Like the men who put shaving cream before smoothing the hair on his face, you also have to coat the area to be shaved with cream. This cream also reduces the risk of irritation and help heal the area that has been shaved.

Shaving of some of the
For perfect results, do the shave for him to take some side respectively. Do only one direction. Left-right or up and down making uneven shaving results.

Special powder or lotion after shaving
We feel the irritation after shaving process. To eliminate this risk, apply baby powder or lotion specifically relieving irritation. Previous provide sufficient air in the private section.

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