In The Aftermath Of Accidents Pain Sufferers Get Relief With The Help Of A Warners Bay NSW Chiropractor

By Lilia Slaybaugh

Following a car crash or other accident, a person may be hurting. Various injuries, including whiplash, may result in moderate to excruciating pain. There may be a subluxation or a strained muscle causing that pain. A prominent Warners Bay Australia Chiropractor uses spinal adjustments along with massage to alleviate the hurt.

The spine extends from the base of the skull to the tailbone and is made up of small hollow bones called vertebrae. The spinal cord runs through the openings in these hollow bones. The spinal nerves stem from the spinal cord to innervate the entire body.

If a single vertebra is subluxated, or misaligned, it may press against one of these nerves and cause pain. It can range from mild to extremely excruciating. A person can be so consumed by the pain that he or she is unable to work.

The chiropractor provides care to relieve that hurt. Spinal adjustments are a successful method for lessening it. The spine is gradually returned to the correct position. This reduces the pressure against the nerve and pain is alleviated.

The initial appointment is spent doing an evaluation. A medical history is recorded, including when the pain started. In some cases an x-ray is required. The back is examined and an assessment completed.

After that a plan for care can be created. Details are clarified for the client and usually a series of spinal adjustments are arranged. The required number will depend on how fast the individual responds. Age, cause of the pain and severity of the injury will contribute to how many adjustments are needed as well.

Muscles, cartilage, ligaments and joints are often affected along with bones and nerves. The adjustments may be used in conjunction with massage and applications of heat. Nutritional counseling and mild exercises may be included in the care plan. The goal of that care plan is to return the client to work and the other activities he or she previously enjoyed.

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