Medicines Cardiovascular Support

Medicines Cardiovascular Support
1. Epineprin (adrenaline)
Very useful to overcome cardiac arrest in VT / VF without a pulse and because it has the effect asistole vasokontriktor.
Epineprin given at a dose of 1 mg in a bolus and then rinsed with NaCl ± 10-20 ml, 3-5 minutes of administration can be repeated. If IV not available to diberiakn melaului epineprin ETT with a dose of 2-2, 5 mg.
2. Atropine (SA)
SA serves to increase the frequency of pulse and increase blood pressure is recommended in asistole and PEA (HR: 60x/menit) with a dose of 1 mg can be repeated 3-5 minutes until maximum dose of 3 mg. melaluui given IV bolus and then rinsed with D5% or NaCl 0.9% ± 10-20 ml.

3. Norepineprin
Vasoconstriction and inotropic drug is strong. Norepineprin improve renal blood flow and urine output. Norepineprin can be effective in the management of patients with severe hypotension (systolic blood pressure <70 mmHg)
The initial dose is 0.5 to 1 μ norepineprin / ml was titrated until the visible effect
4. Adenosine
Adenosine can inhibit the activity of the SA node and AV, recommended indications:
4.1 Tachycardia SA or AV node reentry
4.2 SVT unstable during the preparation cardioversion
Preparation of 6 mg rapid IV bolus (1-3 seconds) bebarengan with 0.9% NaCl bolus of 20cc. If no change in cadence subs 1-2 minutes to give back 12 mg rapid bolus.
5. Amiodarone (Cordaron)
Amiodarone can cause vasodilation and hypotension that gift should be a slow infusion. The use of amiodarone is the treatment of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias.
Provision of amiodarone of 150 mg for 10 minutes, followed by 1 mg per minute for 6 hours and 0.5 mg per minute subs 18 hours
6. Lidocain