Men’s Fitness System Vs. Women’s Fitness System

If your body type isn’t fit with the proper amount of buoyancy, your workout will be severely hindered. Too much buoyancy, and you’ll be constantly fighting against the flotation to move about. And too little buoyancy will have you sinking fast and can tire you quickly. Luckily, there is gender specific workout systems that will fit your body type to a T. Check out the options below and see why it’s important to find that perfect buoyancy match.

For Women:

The AquaJogger Women’s Fitness System

So, this might be easy enough after all. With the word ‘women’ in the title, you can already tell that this product line is great for ladies’ body types. The set includes the Classic Buoyancy Belt, which helps keep you afloat during any and all exercises. Unlike other models by AquaJogger, the Classic belt is ideal for average body types and those that have equal height and weight proportions. Women, even those that are super fit, naturally have more body fat than men. Because fat floats in water and is less dense than muscle, most women need a classic belt with minimal to average floatation. The Classic Belt is a great overall belt for most women’s body types. And, the patented arch design helps to engage core muscles and targets pesky unwanted belly fat.

For Men:

The AquaJogger Men’s Fitness System

Again, the ‘men’ in the Fitness System name tells you the products included in the set were specifically designed to support and target a man’s body. Men’s bodies are naturally leaner than women’s. Because of this, men need a little extra support and stability in the water, especially for deep water exercises. AquaJogger has this problem solved with their Pro Buoyancy Flotation Belt. The Pro Buoyancy belt provides 30% more buoyancy than the AquaJogger Classic belt, found in the Women’s Fitness System. Like the Classic, the Pro’s high arch design engages inner core muscle groups. All in all, the Pro Belt is ideal for men with average body types.

For All:

In addition to the buoyant and comfortable belts, both sets include buoyant floatation devices to help strength train muscle groups throughout the upper and lower body. First, there are the Aquarunners. These slim, yet powerful, lower body devices slip on the foot and help enhance each and every leg movement in the water. They’ll help men build strong leg muscles and can help women tone and shape long, sleek lower body muscles.

Then there are the AquaJoggers DeltaBells. These dumbbell-shaped hand buoys add resistance to your upper body movements. Women will love using them in the water to help tone up saggy arms and build sexy shoulder muscles to show off all summer long. Men will love how challenging a workout the DeltaBells provide when fully submerged in the water.

Besides the workout devices, both Fitness Systems come with a Getting Started DVD and a Water Workout Guide. They contain examples of challenging and fun exercises, as well as hints and tips, so that you, no matter if you’re a man or a woman, can use the entire system to reach your fitness goals.

Classic Buoyancy Belt was the very first water exercise flotation belt, and the most popular and universal product in the AquaJogger product line. The belt suspends the body in deep water, allowing for total body conditioning with no swim skill required.