Microprocessor Usage on Ventilator

Pressure cycled Ventilator
1.Achieve Inspiration stops when pressure has been set previously, then the passive expiratory
2.Used mainly short-term tx <24 hours
3.Reduce / can cause barotrauma to the predetermined setpressure
4.Disadvantages: high in RAW & Complience bad lung maydecrease TV
5.There is no “Automatic Sigh” re expand the alveoli to preventatelektase

Volume cycled Ventilator
1.Most commonly used
2.Inspiration stops when the specified volume is reached
3.No matter the pressure is reached and then just happenedexpiratory

Time Cyceld Ventilator
1.inspiration to expiration based on time
2.tidal volume occurred from RR and MV
3.This is generally for neonatal ventilator

High Frequency Ventilator
1.Using the RR (usually 4x) high with a small TV (<death space) tokeep the alveoli to remain terventilasi, prevent barotraumas
2.Three variations on this type:
High frequency positive pressure ventilation
High frequency jet ventilation
High Frequency Oscillation
3.Purpose Mechanical Ventilation
4.Reduce Work Breathing (WOB)
5.Improve Patient Comfort Level
6.Providing accurate MV
7.Addressing imbalances V / P
8.Ensuring adequate kejaringan O2 delivery

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