New and Undefined Diseases

These days, common diseases present themselves completely different from what they used to be like in former times – and many other diseases appear far more frequently than they did 20 to 50 years ago.

For instance, there are viruses found now, which did not exist before – and they cause new diseases. Bacteria – much feared in earlier days – today, appear completely differently, and are frequently significantly more aggressive, due to the deployment of antibiotics. Ancient diseases – former scourges of mankind – such as tuberculosis or poliomyelitis have almost disappeared.

However, the largest increase found these days is with autoimmune diseases that cause the body to turn against its own organs. Suchlike diseases are, for instance, polyarthritis, colitis ulcerative, MS, and probably also prostatitis. Furthermore, this applies to the formerly rare autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto-thyroiditis), which is currently the fastest growing disease within the US. Unfortunately, it is frequently believed that the cause for those diseases is unknown. However, we do know that all those conditions are based upon various partial causes, which – in combination – actually release the respective disease. Usually, those partial causes are not even sought to be identified. Read more…

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