OASIS C2 Classes in 2017 *FREE*

ETA will offer new classes on specific OASIS
topics in Denver, Brush, Greeley, Grand Junction and Colorado Springs.  There is still room in the Denver sessions
later in April.  You
may choose to take them all at once or individually as your interest and needs
OASIS C2 Basics for 2017 (One Day): Course ID 1066908
This beginning three-hour class is how to get
started with OASIS C2.
Item-by-Item for 2017 (2 Day): Course ID 1066909
This practical
application class reviews item-by-item data set completion.  We will follow Mr. Green’s assessment, which
will require two sessions to complete. 
Attendance at both sessions on subsequent days is required to complete
this class.
OASIS C2 Advanced for 2017 (One Day): Course ID 1066910
This course assumes familiarity with
the OASIS C2 Item Set, covering more advanced content and application.

To see additional session details and register for on-site
attendance for one of these offerings:

  1. Go to http://www.co.train.org/
  2. Log in to your existing CO.TRAIN account, or new users click
    “Create an Account”
  3. Once you’ve logged in, or created an account, Search (top
    right) for the appropriate Course ID (See above for desired training)
  4. Click link for desired course.
  5. Click the “Registration” tab.
  6. Click the “Register” button for the session you
    wish to attend.
  7. Remember to register separately for each desired course.

detailed example of the above process
(if needed)

Questions?:  Please email