OASIS Submissions Failing due to Wellsky Error

To: Federally Certified Skilled Home Health Facilities Administrators, Directors of Nursing, OASIS Coordinators, Billing and Coding Personnel, Licensed Home Health Facilities Administrators

From: The Education and Technical Assistance (ETA) Branch of the Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division (HFEMSD)

There is a known error with Kinsser/Wellsky OASIS submissions. Users will see reports from Wellsky indicating OASIS batches submitted properly. However, the CMS validation reports from CASPER cites Fatal Error -5050 Inconsistent M1033 Values: If M1033-10 is equal to 0, then at least one item M1033-1 through M1033-9 must equal 1. This means that particular assessment is not yet successfully submitted and RAP requests will fail.

The QTSO Help Desk at 800-339-9313 has identified this as an error with the .xml packaging of files by Kinsser/Wellsky since 3/10/19. Please contact your vendor representative for more information.

This is thought to be a software-specific failure, not affecting other vendors.

Questions?: Please emailĀ betty.metz@state.co.us

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