Om for Yoga And Meditation

Posted on | Tuesday, December 20, 2011 |

In this present day and age where tension and stress are the common factors that affect the day to day living of every man and woman, the necessity for a way to cope with these conditions are essential. The time tested treatment comes from the Vedic custom known as yoga and meditation.

In meditation, one’s mind becomes still and stable. It is performed while is sitting in lotus pose or simple Indian pose while quietly humming in his own self a mantra. The fingers are touching in particular hand position which the yoga teacher recommended, depending on the specific require. The mantra is usually vocally pronounced, and the oscillation of this sound is important because it allows the vibration of the mantra to resonate very positively with the human body and the mind. The mantra Om is usually recommended, because it is a non-denominational, and widely accepted by yoga adherents. It also has a sense of universality in it. Tibetan Yogis say this hum or hung. The correct pronunciation of Om or aum is aung, because it is written in Sanskrit with a dot over the letter ‘M’. Om Shanti mantra is a lovely syllable to start with. Om means “universal Creator, and Shanti means” peace. “

It is recommended that you ought to practice yoga to attain a calm mind in meditation. Yoga postures prepare the body to sit still, and help the mind to accomplish tranquility. In this way you can understand the worth of yoga and meditation and its relationship. It is said in the Vedas: “When the vehicle is properly tuned, the passenger will have a smooth journey.” The vehicle is the body; the passenger is for you, the Self.

Asana in yoga consists of postures and sets of movements called Vinyasa. It flows dynamically in rhythmic movements, while pausing in intervals to permit the body to absorb the beautiful effect of the given pose. Postures sometimes appear like a dance, in the case of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation; or very military like the warrior pose. So lots of pose appeared to be very hard to perform, but you do not must follow them exactly like the pics in a yoga book. A quantity of them are very advanced in their practice, and some are models for the photograph shoot and are not even yogis at all. So you require to be cautious to have the tendency to “compete” with the next to you, your teacher or images in the book.


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