Vicks VapoRub can harm children less than 2 yrs

Vicks Vapo Rub, a common cold remedy, can cause respiratory distress in children under 2 when inappropriately applied directly under
the nose. US researchers said, “Using the Procter & Gamble Co product in this way can cause a young child’s tiny airways to swell and fill with mucus, triggering severe breathing problems.” “The only problem we’ve seen is in a small child when it has been put under the nose,” Dr. Bruce Rubin of Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, said. Rubin said, “The ingredients in Vicks can be irritants, causing the body to produce more mucus to protect the airway. And since infants and young children have airways that are much narrower than those of an adult, any increase in mucus or swelling can narrow them severely.” “The company is really clear it should never go under the nose or in the nose for anybody and it shouldn’t be used in children under 2,” said Rubin. While the researchers only tested the Vicks product, Rubin said “Similar products, including generic versions, could cause the same negative effects in infants and toddlers.” Rubin and his colleagues began looking at use of the medication after treating an 18-month-old girl who developed respiratory distress after the salve was put under her nose. They studied ferrets, which have an airway anatomy similar to humans. In the animals with a chest infection, the product increased mucus secretion and decreased the animal’s ability to clear mucus. “We were able to document changes that we think explain this,” Rubin said. David Bernens, a spokesman for P&G, said the finding came as a surprise. “Vicks VapoRub has been proven safe and effective through multiple clinical trials. It has been in the market for over 100 years,” Bernens said, noting that the label says the product should not be used in children under age 2 without a doctor’s advice, and not under the nose. “We warn people not to do that,” he said. Since the initial episode, emergency doctors at the medical center have begun asking all parents of children in respiratory distress if they used the Vicks product in a similar way and they have seen two more cases, Rubin said. “I recommend never putting Vicks in, or under, the nose of anybody – adult or child,” Rubin said, adding that he would never use it in a child under age 2.

Eye Exercises That Relieve Eye Strain

Do you have eye strain? You’ve been working too hard on the computer again, so you’re familiar with the feeling: Your eyelids twitch, your eyes begin to water and there’s that burning sensation when you close them. You’re suffering from a common affliction — eye strain.

Fortunately, simple exercises can promote the relaxation of your eyes, and some are even thought to strengthen and condition them (a type of vision therapy known as orthoptics). The American Optometric Association and the National Institutes of Health want you to know that no exercise has been proven to “improve a refractive error or cure any ailment within the eyeball,” but exercises can be helpful if poor vision is caused by a weakness or imbalance of the muscles. And they can be especially useful in relieving the fatigue and accompanying physical symptoms caused by strain.

Do the following exercises regularly to help keep your eyes stronger longer:


To improve blood and oxygen flow, close your eyes and slowly roll them in a complete circle. Then move them from left to right. Repeat this exercise three times.

Palming and cupping

Note: If you wear contact lenses, remove them before doing this exercise.

If your eyes are tired and you’d like to relax them, close them and place the base of your palms over them. Press gently for a few seconds. Then cup your hands and place them over your open eyes. Look into your cupped palms as you slowly breathe in and out through your nose for 30 seconds.

Commonplace “exercises,” like blinking or yawning, also are beneficial. Both actions produce tears to help moisten and lubricate. And don’t forget you can give your baby blues (or browns, greens or grays) an extra boost by taking nutritional supplements targeted for them, such as those that contain bilberry, vitamin A and lutein.

Diabetes In Children

You wouldn’t usually associate diabetes with children and adolescents but diabetes is now one of the most chronic childhood diseases. Globally, an estimated 500,000 children under the age of 15 live with Type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes, once considered an adult health problem, is growing at an alarming rate in children as well.

Come November 14, the International Diabetes Federation and WHO together with United Nation will commemorate World Diabetes Day ( 2 Day ago). A two-year (2007 and 2008) focus on children hopes to raise awareness of the warning signs of diabetes and to promote healthy lifestyles to help prevent type 2 diabetes in children.

With huge increase in the number of children developing diabetes, chances are yu may know an affected family. Here are some of the signs of diabetes to look out :

>Frequent urination
>Excessive thirst
>Increased hunger
>Weight loss
>Lack of interest and concentration
>Blurred vision
>Vomiting and stomach pain (often mistaken as the flu)


Fast Healthy Weight Loss Diet

In the modern protection and fascination for that celebrity globe we’re uncovereduncovered to pictures of wonderful searchingsearching ladies with excellent figures on the every day foundation. They’re usually pictured in ideal fitting physique-embracing clothing, and in no way will they appear to endure from sick needed excess weight acquire the relaxationrelaxation people need to fightfight with on the every day foundation. You will find numerous options accessible for you to free individualsthese additional pounds, 1 efficient method for losing excess weight is controlling and lowering the foods that you simply consume.

In selectingchoosing a wholesome quick excess weight reduction diet plan you’re heading to need to provide the foods teams you selected some near focus. You will find numerous kinds of excess weight manage diet programs accessible which are intended to offer the skinny determine that you’re following, considerably as well numerous to record.

From the numerous fast excess weight reduction diet programs available, probably the most typical diet programs attemptedattempted are the following The Zone, South Seaside Diet plan, Excess weight Viewers, Atkins and numerous other people. Many of these wholesome excess weight reduction diet programs are mainly based about lists of foods that you’re permittedallowed to consume for the quick wholesome excess weight reduction diet plan. By carefullycarefully controlling your foods consumption you are able to restrict your calorie and body fatbody body fat consumption.

If you have made the decisiondetermined on which wholesome quick excess weight reduction foods diet plan is very best for you personally it’s usually suggested to seek advice from your physicianphysician. Your PhysicianPhysician can suggest yourself on any wellness influence using a diet plan might need to your physique. Despite the fact that you’ll be in a position to shed excess weight by utlizing these diet programs, including some physical exercise for your schedule is only going to help your excess weight reduction strategy. Utilizing a mixture of diet plan and cardio physical exercise on the every day foundation you ought to be in a position to determine the final results of the attempts very quickly whatsoever.

You will notice a reduction in excess weight fairly earlier to your wholesome quick excess weight reduction diet plan, but do not consider your feet from the gasoline just you aren’t into body fatbody body fat burning in the second. This preliminary excess weight reduction is going to be you shedding some physique h2o retention, so have on and you’ll see some body fatbody body fat reduction very rapidly later onafterwards.

With any fast body fatbody body fat excess weight reduction diet plan the planning of the foods is really a very essential component of the diet plan. You will find numerous option planning elementscomponents accessible that can produce a massive distinction for your foods, following all what is the stage of heading on the diet plan if you’re heading to prepareprepare dinner your foods inside a load of body fatbody body fat every single time.

Diabetic Bracelet Can Save Your Life

More and more people are learning that a diabetic bracelet can indeed be life-saving in the long run. Millions of individuals in America and the world are suffering from diabetes with different manifestations and experiences everyday. It is only a matter of time before they find themselves in a deep predicament in which they can only rely on simple but informative bracelets.

The Diabetic Bracelet Advantage

The most useful and important aspect of your diabetic bracelet is the information that it holds. First and foremost, the bracelet will include text or a tag indicating that you are diabetic plus other information such as your name, address and age. You may also want to add other details like a contact person or number, your normal blood sugar count and blood type. These can come in very handy especially for medical professionals attending to you during emergencies.

When blood sugar levels become abnormally high or low, patients can be incapacitated or simply blackout anytime and anywhere. Only the bracelets can provide relevant information that can help save their lives. Other people in the area can immediately respond to the dire situation by using the data included in the diabetic bracelet.

Function and Fashion

Diabetic bracelets come in various designs and use different materials as well. The most common versions are the rubber or silicone wristbands with debossed text. These come in different solid and mixed colors as preferred by the individuals. Non-diabetics are frequently seen wearing these bands to show their support and concern for the cause. You will find encouraging messages and text imprinted, debossed or embossed on the surface such as “Live Strong, Hope, Believe, etc.”

Since other diabetic patients do not fully like the idea of being tagged or labeled as a sufferer, there are more fancy and beautiful designs that both serve as a functional and fashionable piece. You can find diabetic jewelry using 14 to 22-karat gold, silver, sterling silver and other expensive metals. These bracelets may also include charms and adorned with beads, semi-precious stones and crystals according to the specifications and customizations of the wearer. Still, these pieces include vital information that will save their life during unexpected diabetic bouts. Prices for rubber and silicone versions are as low as $1.50 to $3 while jewelry costs $21 up to $300.

Glycemic index of a food and its importance

Whenever we talk about carbohydrates we just discard them absolutely for a diabetic patient. But all carbohydrates are not alike and have a different effect on blood sugar level after eating.

The effect of carbohydrate or any food having potential to raise blood sugar level is measured in terms of what is called glycemic index of the food.

How glycemic index is measured

Glycemic index of any food is measured taking glucose as a reference. Glucose after taking orally gets absorbed quickly and its glycemic index is considered as 100. For measuring glycemic index at least 10 person is fed with the food to be measured and blood sugar is measured at every 15 minutes interval for first hour and every 30 minutes. A graph is plotted and compared with blood glucose level after standard 50 gm of glucose taken orally.

Glycemic index of any food can be low, moderate and high. A low glycemic food is considered when glycemic index is upto 55 and moderate when it is between 56 to 69 and high glycemic index is when it is above 70.

The food having low glycemic index is slowly absorbed and the there is slow and steady rise in blood sugar after its intake and lowers down steadily after a time interval. While food with high glycemic index is absorbed quickly and there is sharp rise in blood sugar level and keeps fluctuating. The insulin level of the body too tends to fluctuate and in a diabetic patient it is difficult to adjust a dose of anti diabetic drugs and insulin if the patient have high glycemic index food.

Benefits of low glycemic index diet

It is understood that a diabetic person should concentrate on food having low glycemic index while a hypoglycemic patient should take high glycemic index food. Though a person with sedentary life style should always prefer diet having low glycemic index.

Alow glycemic index diet not only helps to control diabetes but also increases sensitivity of insulin. Even a non diabetic person having obesity should prefer low glycemic diet as it curbs many heart diseases and even helps to curb down obesity. Females with PCOS is recommended to have low GI foods.

Which type of foods have low glycemic index

Not going details on the chart, it should be noted that salads, nuts, brawn and fruit juices baring a few like mango juice are of low glycemic index. Among milk soya milk is considered as best. Most of the person use to have cornflakes in the breakfast but it has a high glycemic index of about 83. Spagetti is ideal food for one who prefer pasta. 
Glycemic index of bakery products

The3 bakery products are generally of high glycemic index and should be avoided as far as possible. Brown bread can be taken as it contains more fibres. All kind of wafers, biscuits even it is not sweet lies in medium or high glycemic index.

Glycemic index of Cereals

Among cereals bran is considered as best, pearl barley, instant or parboiled rice or kernel wheat should be preferred. Millets have the highest glycemic index among all cereals.

Glycemic index of dairy products

Most of the diabetics do not touch dairy product having a misconception that it may be of high glycemic index, but a fat free skimmed milk is ideal for them, yoghurts if taken without sugar is of very low glycemic index.

Glycemic index of Vegetables and fruits

All green vegetables with exception of broad beans are of low GI. Among fruits which should be avoided in diabetic or are of high GI are watermelon, mangoes, apricots, pineapple and raisins.

Though only carbohydrate content doesnt affect glycemic index, in fact there are a number of factors on which glycemic index of a food depends like its fibre content and viscosity of fibres, protein contents etc.

Finding A Fitness Boot Camp Downers Grove

When people in Westmont, IL, truly want to lose weight and are not quite sure how to do it, they will of course need to look for a course of action that will help them. By going to fitness boot camp Downers Grove residents can make progress toward their goals. They will no longer be shy about showing off their bodies at the beach or the pool during the summer.

Cardio workouts will be the focal point of the workouts. When men and women ensure that their heart and lungs receive a proper workout, they will improve their fitness considerably. Running and jogging are the usual cardio activities, but hiking and even swimming might also be introduced if there is some free time on certain days.

Mud runs can also be set up with ease. In fact, this is part of the fun of attending boot camp. Men and women can run through an obstacle course to test their prowess. The obstacle course will usually be set up in different configurations each day so that individuals do not know what is coming. People can run through the course and get stronger as they go along.

Weight-lifting should always be a crucial part of the process. Camp instructors can set up strength training programs that are tailored to the needs of their participants. Smaller women, for example, will be asked to lift less weight than larger men, but this is to be expected. The goal is to build muscle and burn fat whenever possible.

In some instances, men and women will be allowed to stay in dormitories that have been set up for them. This way, people can rise at the same time each day and get to work. As long as they rise with the sun, they will have a full day of exercising and socializing. Staying in dormitories will also allow people to build friendships with each other so that everyone sticks with the program.

When individuals complete the program, they will be well on the way to looking better. They will no longer have to worry about masses of protruding fat that are sticking out from under the shirt. Whenever individuals head down to the local pool, they will be able to show off their bodies in bathing suits and bikinis without feeling bad.

Better dietary choices should also be made. Eating more fruits and vegetables will help out quite a bit. Whole grains and legumes can also be worked into the mix. The goal is to eat as healthy as possible for most meals. The body will respond, and the fat should be eliminated from trouble regions before much more time has passed.

In the end, people will want to choose one of these camps because of their benefits. If they have been struggling with losing weight and getting fit for many years, they will of course need some professional assistance as they go along. By sticking to their program, participants can continue to make progress toward their goals without feeling as if they are overwhelmed as they are doing it.

CVP Installation

1. Consult a physician for drug delivery of low-dose heparin for high-risk clients until he ambulation. (Low-dose heparin therapy will result in blood viscosity and thrombosis decreased holding capacity and allows the risk of embolism)

2. Keep track of the signs and symptoms of pulmonary embolism

a. Acute chest pain and clear
b. Dyspnea, fatigue, cyanosis
c. Decrease in oxygen saturation
d. Tachycardia
e. Jugular venous distension
f. Hypotension
g. Acute dilatation of the right venrikel without parenchymal disease (on chest X-ray)
h. Mental disorder
i. Cardiac dysrhythmia
(Pulmonary artery occlusion disrupt blood flow to the lungs resulting in hypoxia distal)

3. If these manifestations occur, perform the protocol on the shock:

a. Keep the IV catheter (for the administration of fluids and drugs)
b. Give the gift of liquids treatment in accordance with the protocol
c. Replace indwelling catheter (Foley) (to monitor the volume of circulation through urine output)
d. Perform EKG monitoring and invasive hemodynamic monitoring (to detect dysrhythmias and treatment guidelines)
e. Give a vasopressor to increase peripheral resistance and increase blood pressure
f. Give sodium bicarbonate as indicated (to correct metabolic acidosis)
g. Give the drugs digitalis, diuretics IV and arrhythmia agents as indicated
h. Give a low dose of morphine IV (lower anxiety and reduce the need for metabolism)
i. Prepare client for procedure angiography and / or perfusion lung Scanning (to confirm the diagnosis and detect the extent of atelectasis)
(Due to massive pulmonary embolism deaths occur within the first 2 hours after awitan, immediate intervention is very important)

4. Give oxygen therapy via nasal catheter and oxygen saturation monitor. (With this action will increase the circulation of oxygen by rapidly)

5. Monitor electrolyte values, GDA, BUN, DL (this laboratory to help determine the status of perfusion and volume)

6. Do thrombolytic treatment, eg urokinase, streptokinase in accordance with the program physician (thrombolysis can cause embolic lysis and increased pulmonary capillary perfusion)

7. After treatment with intravenous thrombolysis, did the provision of treatment with heparin. (IV continuous or intermittent). (Heparin can inhibit or slow down the process of thrombus formation and helps prevent the formation and recurrence of clots.

Skinny Jeans Health Hazards

It is known to all that skinny
jeans are not only meant for women. Many of the males in the society today, the
teenagers in particular, are becoming obsessed in wearing tight jeans since it
is in the current fashion trend. But little did they know that such type of
apparel bring some health hazards.

Just this morning, while browsing
online, I found this worth-sharing article featured in regarding
skinny jeans. It was stated that according to medical experts, there is an increase
in injuries being caused by wearing of skinny or tight jeans.

For men, it is
said that this particular type of denim pants is causing testicular torsion – a
condition wherein the spermatic cord to a testicle is being twisted. Once the
testicle is twisted, it cuts off the blood supply resulting to pain, swelling,
and worse; gangrenes of testicle. Aside from affecting the testicle, men who
are fond of wearing skinny jeans could also experience a weak bladder, urinary
tract infections, and low sperm count.

image source:

Meanwhile, for women, wearing of skinny jeans could increase their chances to have a vaginal yeast infection.

Apart from the aforementioned
side effects of tight or fitted jeans, this particular style of pants is also
found to reduce blood circulation in legs and thighs, which then results to augmentation
of cellulite. It could also cause lateral femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment
that causes tingly sensation in the thighs. This condition happens when the wearer
habitually put cellphone in the front pocket. Digestion problem is another
side effect of high waisted skinny jeans and pressure on the urethra for low
rise skinny jeans.

Knowing all those negative
effects of constantly wearing skinny or fitted jeans, would you still put style
before your health?

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Tips on Caring for The Body With a Wide Range of Bathroom

Tips on caring for the body with a wide range of Bathroom

According to the study, was not only good bath to cleanse the body of impurities and avoid stress, but also plays an important role in enhancing the immune system, helping to avoid skin diseases such as eczema and even cure serious medical problems. So, what are the benefits and how long should a shower bath?

The following information about bathing a fun and healthy.

1. Removing Toxins.
Washing with warm water around 32-35 degrees Celsius can open the pores, which can help remove toxins in the body. Warm bath can also help lower blood sugar levels, heal sore muscles, and helps keep the colon working properly. The recommended time is 10-20 minutes for a shower.

2. Overcoming Stress.
If You again really stressful, cold shower may be the right answer. Cold water bath is very good for relieving tension as it can accelerate blood circulation and raise blood sugar levels. The recommended water temperature is 12-18 degrees Celsius.

3. Overcoming Eczema.
If You are affected by skin diseases such as eczema, rash, or hives, add baking soda or sodium bicarbonate into the tub can make a big difference because the sodium bicarbonate can act as an anti-septic. Fill the tub with lukewarm water, add about half a pound of baking soda and stir until blended. Soak for 10-20 minutes.

4. Overcoming Infection.
Infection can be overcome by adding three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into the bath and soak for 15-20 minutes. Of apple cider vinegar is also good for removing toxins from the body because the vinegar can balance the acid.

5. Overcome Flu and Headache.
Soak feet in warm water can help cure colds and headaches as well as refresh tired legs. How to enter and warm water into the tub until it can cover the ankle, and then add a few drops of oil, such as lavender oil, peppermint, or lemon. Soak your feet for 10-20 minutes. Once done, rinse with cold water.

6. Overcoming Insomnia.
Soaking the feet in cold water is very good for those who suffer from insomnia or have trouble sleeping. The trick, soak feet to feel cold. This treatment is also useful for tired legs, nose bleeds, cold, and constipation.

7. Smooth Circulation.
Try soaking the feet alternately in warm water and cold water if the blood circulation is less smooth. Start by soaking the foot for 2 minutes in warm water, then 3 minutes in cold water. Trying to do for 15 minutes.