Reminder – Home Care Advisory Committee Meeting on Thursday, February 28, 2019

The next Home Care Advisory Committee is on Thursday, February 28, 2019 2:00 – 4:00 P.M.

The meeting will be held at CDPHE, 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Denver, 80246, Building C, Room C1A and via teleconference.

To participate via telephone
Conference number: 712-770-8066
Participant code: 666158

Opportunities to address the committee and/or provide comments will be afforded at designated times throughout this meeting.

The glass double doors to this area are locked at all times. Only CDPHE employees have access to these doors. Meeting attendees who are NON-CDPHE employees are required to check in with the security guard in Building A for a visitor badge that will give you access to conference room C1A. Building A is our main building. The public entrance to building A is the east entrance. The security desk is located in the lobby of Building A. 

Meeting information

At the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, we work hard to protect and promote your health and the environment. If you’re planning a visit to our campus and want to ride your bike here, we won’t take a second look at your helmet head, and if the bus you’re taking is running a little late, we won’t worry. We want you to be your healthiest you, and we appreciate your efforts to reduce pollution.

If you’re coming to our campus: Our campus is located at 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Denver, 80246.

If you’re riding your bike: Our campus is located just south of the Cherry Creek bike trail. Bicycle parking is available at multiple locations on the main campus. Covered bicycle parking also is available at several locations, as well as on the ground floor of the parking structure on Birch Street, which is just east of the main campus 

If you’re riding the bus: RTD’s Trip Planner is a great way to find the fastest route.

If you’re driving: Visitor parking is conveniently located in front of all of our buildings. Please check in with security in Building A so you can get a visitor badge.

You might also want to know:
We care about your health, so our campus is tobacco-free.
We are located just east of Glendale’s City Set, where there are several restaurants.
Lactation Rooms are available on the first floors of buildings A and B.