Republicans-Creators of the EPA-Have Become the Party of Environmental Degradation

Inclusion of greenhouse gas emissions in environmental
Overturned the requirement that industry consider
environmental damages in developmental plans
Greenhouse gases are the largest contributor to global
warming and cause; rising sea levels, acidification of the oceans, increasing
global temperatures (records for the last 3 consecutive years)
Methane gas reporting requirement for leak detection and
repair was to begin June 2, 2017 as part of the Clean Air Act
Methane is a greenhouse gas and one of the greatest
contributors to global warming, caused by oil and gas industry
Struck this requirement for coal, oil, and gas industry;
why consider others when you must only think of yourself and how much money
you make
The social cost, means impact on citizens, such as health (asthma,
poisoning), flood risk, and harm to the environment, such as air quality.
Anti-dumping rule for coal companies; which reviewed
surface water impacts in building permits
Blocked the Obama Administration’s Stream Protection Rule-Removed
the requirement that coal companies cease from dumping tailings known as
excess spoil into streams
This will exacerbate the poisoning of fresh water
supplies, just ask Butte, Montana residents what that means. Plus, the repeal
of the dumping rule will impact fisheries.
Removed mining and drilling restrictions in the Alaskan
National Wildlife Refuge; also opened oil drilling on almost all of AK,
including Bristol Bay and off shore drilling in the Artic.
The world is awash in oil, prices are down, and the U.S.
is producing so much excess oil Congress approved the sale  of our strategic
oil reserves. We don’t need more oil, we need clean air and water and a live-able
Copper filter cake used in electroplating, was listed as a
hazardous waste and impacts the semiconductor industry
Limits on toxic discharge from steam electric coal fired power
plants, effective January 4, 2016, as part of the Clean Water Act
Steam electric plant discharges include arsenic, lead,
mercury, selenium, chromium, and cadmium. Many of these toxic pollutants,
once in the environment, remain there for years.
The EPA had gathered evidence this pesticide was harmful
to humans, especially to farm workers; decision not to ban Lorsban on March
27,2017 goes against EPA’s own research. It has been shown to reduce IQ in
Pesticide is harmful to humans, and organic food alternatives
are available. When you see the product warning label at the market, pay
attention, and wash the product!
In other words, requiring FEMA funded rebuilding to take
flood risk into replacement design was wiped away by the Trump Administration.
Why not prepare for flooding with better infrastructure,
the answer is, if Obama thought of it, Trump wants to dump it. Now we are all
going to pay more for this foolish decision when the next Hurricane comes
along and the buildings which were rebuilt and didn’t meet flood standards must
be rebuilt at tax payer expense.

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