Sitting All Day Body Make You Fat Bottom

Posted on | Thursday, December 8, 2011 |

This is ominous news for office workers who used to sit all the time while working. Scientists have revealed that sitting for long periods of time really gives a chance the back and lower body becomes larger.
The study surprisingly found that the pressure imposed on the body area that used to sit or lie down to produce up to 50 percent more fat in the parts that terisolasi.Apalagi kuarng combined with a healthy diet and less body motion.
This study describes for the first time describe bahhkan them with a healthy diet and exercise habits will be affected if they spend a long time to sit behind a desk.
The researchers found that preadipocyte cells – the precursors to fat cells – and turn into fat cells produce more fat even when ‘quiet’ on a prolonged period – when the tissue weight ditumpukan on our bodies when we sit or lie down.
By studying the MRI images of the muscle tissue of patients paralyzed by spinal cord injury, from time to time, rows of fat cells to attack the major muscles in the body.
In laboratory tests, serangkatan preadipocytes stimulated with glucose or insulin to convert it into fat cells. They were then placed in individual cells in cell stretching device, attach them to a flexible substrate and elastic. Dibentang cell test group consistently for long periods of time, which represents an extension of time sitting or lying down, while the control group of cells did not.
The researchers noted the development of liquid droplets in the second test group. The result, when the cells reach maturity, the group receiving mechanical stretch has developed 50 percent more fat than the control group.
Professor Amit Gefen, from Tel Aviv University, mengatakandari study concluded obesity is more than just an imbalance of calories. “The cell itself is also responsive to their mechanical environment. Fat cells produce more triglycerides [main form of fat stored in the body], and .. at a faster rate, when exposed to static stretching,” he said.
Thus said Professor Gefen, if you want to weight the body balanced, not just a calorie intake is concerned, but also the body should move. This research has been published in the American Journal of Physiology.


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