Situational Awareness Bulletin on Patient Files Infected with ‘Ransom Ware’

Recently, hospitals have been infected with ‘ransom ware’ that has rendered patient files, equipment interfaces and email unusable. The spread of this type of infection is increasing and will likely impact more hospitals. Hospitals also incur premium charges to resolve the issue and return to normal operations. 

This Situational Awareness Bulletin provides additional information on the threat and guidance on minimizing the risk associated with it.

It is highly recommend medical facilities share this document with physicians that have independent practices as they may find this valuable to protect their medical files as well. Please keep in mind this document is not intended for the general public and should be restricted to the audience identified by the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC).

CIAC Contact Information:
Toll Free: 877-509-2422 (24 hours)
Fax: 720-852-6758