System On Ventilator

Alarm System
1. Ventilators are used to support life
2. Alarm systems need to alert nurses
about a problem
3. Low pressure alarm indicates the termination
of patients (regardless of the patient’s ventilator)
4. Indicate a high pressure alarm
increased pressure, eg patients with cough, tubing
bent, there is fighting, etc.
5. Low volume indicates a leak alarm
6. Alarms should never be ignored and not considered
shall be installed in a condition ready

Humidifikasi and Temperature System
1. All the air that flowed from the ventilator
through the water in the humidifier warmed and saturated
2. The temperature is set approximately equal to the temperature
3. In cases of severe hipotermi, air conditioning
can be improved
4. Temperatures that are too high can cause injury
fuel in the trachea
5. When the temperature is too low can lead to
drought airway and secretions become thick
so hard to do the exploitation

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