Things to consider maintaining the health of pregnant women

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Maintaining the health of the face and head
Frequently asked pregnant women should not paint the hair during pregnancy? Should still postpone. Given a drug used to paint and hair perming substances are toxic (poisonous). Sometimes there are also complaints of hair loss and grow fine hair at the temples to be a problem for pregnant women. No need to worry it is only temporary in nature due to hormonal changes of pregnancy. Cleanliness of the area and head hair can be done with regular shampooing. Pregnant women should do a light massage on the face and head for relaxation.Pregnant women sometimes when the mirror to see his face no spots. Mother does not need to worry with a dark color or brown spots on the face (cloasma gravidarum). It was also due to hormonal changes that stimulate pigmentation of the face and neck. No need to smear with a wide – range of whitening creams. Once pregnant it changes the color of brown spots will disappear itself.

Breathe in clean air
Pregnant women should be careful – careful to choose a morning walk. Do not let the nose too long inhaled pollutants in a dense roadside vehicle. When pregnant women should avoid the use of cleaning materials – materials that contain aerosol paint, formaldehyde, camphor, and insect toxins in the form of mosquito coils and sprays. If you must do the spraying of insects, or clean the porcelain with chemical use nasal mask. For pregnant women with a history of asthma should not be exposed to the substance triggers of asthma such as animal dander, pollen, dust, carpets, cold air and so on.

Oral health

Oral health is very important for pregnant women in particular is the cleanliness of gums and teeth During pregnancy disorders frequently occur on the gums and teeth. Hormones of pregnancy make the gum becomes softer and sometimes bleed easily. Gently brushing your teeth and brush your teeth properly and regularly every after meal. Occasionally may gargle with warm salt water solution. When the swollen gums bleed easily or use toothpaste as recommended by your doctor or midwife. In the first trimester pregnant women sometimes there are complaints of nausea – nausea and vomiting. spit on and cause bad breath (halitosis). Pregnant women should frequently clean your mouth every time after vomiting. Tea can reduce bad breath is not good. Food for pregnant women should contain a balanced nutritional, enough vitamins and natural fiber fruits and vegetables. We recommend that you wash fruits and vegetables that are about to be eaten raw to reduce pesticides and avoiding contaminated virus Toxoplasma gondii.

Pregnant women should avoid cigarette smoke and people who smoke. Miscarriage and premature infants due to fetal nicotine poisoning substances. Besides cigarettes also avoid alcohol, caffeine, drink supplement that is advertised on television, soft drinks containing energy supplements, herbal medicine – herbal or similar products are not guaranteed quality. If in doubt about a certain type beverage ask your doctor or midwife about how big the impact and effects on the fetus. Should i bu pregnant consume more healthy drinks, milk, fruit juices, soya, pea green water, white water.

Cleanliness of body and breast  
Caring for body and breast hygiene is very important. But for pregnant women with a history of recurrent miscarriage should reduce stimulation (stimulating) attractive – attractive young nipples during pregnancy because it can stimulate the hormones oxytocin and causing contractions of the uterus. Note the cleanliness of the breast and body with a bath three times a day regularly. It is very important for healthy skin, blood circulation throughout the body smoothly. Enlargement of breast size makes the mother a little less comfortable at the beginning of pregnancy until the end of pregnancy. Use the appropriate bra size.

Hand hygiene
Pregnant women should maintain hand hygiene also nails. Always wash your hands every time you finish doing the work and before eating. Like to keep animals? Yes careful with cats and rabbits and poultry, planting flowers or maybe a hobby? Use gloves to avoid contamination by fertilizers or animal waste. Remember sometimes diarrhea caused by something that trivial and insignificant. But it could be dangerous for pregnant women. Body so weak, dehydrated and gastrointestinal infections. For those who like to play with cats, dogs, rabbits or poultry. Liver – liver is also the risk of toxoplasmosis virus spread through animal and poultry through the feces of the animal.

Maternal health is very important for the growth of the fetus in the womb of the mother. If the mother is healthy, then it can be ascertained fetal growth is also healthy. There are many things to consider during pregnancy. From simple things until something major must be taken to ensure that the fetus can grow healthy mothers without a virus disease.

Note the abdominal area  
More and more abdominal bloating. It’s a good sign of fetal growth means perfect. Then it should start preparing maternity clothes. Avoid wearing tight clothing. No need to worry about a lot of maternity clothes are fashionable and comfortable and not pressing on the abdomen. The greater the mother’s pregnancy, you should get used to sleep on his side so that the circulation of blood from mother to fetus smoothly. Supine position for too long is not recommended for pregnant women. This distention also affects the balance of the body. While maintaining a balance with upright posture when walking so as not to slip or fall. If there are objects on the floor that will be taken, pregnant women should be dropped to one knee with caution. Should indirect bowing. Can be dropped because the body is not balanced. 

Cleanliness of the genital area 
During pregnancy should be more careful – careful genital hygiene. Germs can enter through the infected genitals. So get used to clean the genital area with benar.Cebok with clean water from the front genitals new section to the rear area of ​​the rectum. No need to use an antiseptic wash the vagina as it will kill the good bacteria in the vagina that will resist the attacks of disease germs that try to get into the womb. Frequent change of underwear apparel. Wearing cotton underwear and loose. Keeping the panties are always dry and clean. Do not worry with whitish as this due to hormonal changes. Unless changed vaginal discharge foul odor, thick green or yellow with itching. If there is a venereal disease husbands should also be treated to prevent cross-infection or pass each other during intercourse. 

Physical exercise and sports 
If there is no prohibition of physician or midwife for pregnancy exercise, pregnancy exercise is important to do. The goal is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, increase endurance, practicing breathing and the circulation of blood. If not could be replaced with gymnastic exercises on foot every day for thirty minutes. There are some circumstances that are at risk of pregnancy miscarriage does not allow the mother to walk even have total bed rest. Well what can make, should be enjoyed alone. In its place on the bed you can do the Kegel exercises. Thank God can still get pregnant with all its consequences for the safety of the baby. 

Special attention leg area 
Avoid wearing high heels. Pregnant women should not use high-heeled shoes to prevent the damming of the blood vessels in the legs. At the time sleeping or lying leg always try in the higher position. If you must work with a high heel shoe heart – the heart goes not to fall can be fatal. Occasionally both also soak feet in warm water with salt. Husband can help his wife foot massages while pregnant with olive oil or lotion gently while sitting in a chair. This helps blood circulation, prevent varicose veins getting worse, reduce complaints of cramping and soreness in the foot. 

Relax and give your body a chance to rest 
Pregnant women will spend extra energy to the body’s metabolic processes and replacement of damaged body cells. When did all this take place? when we relax and sleep. How long is a good time for a break? During the day just one or two hours and at night about eight hours. Do not be surprised sometimes when a pregnant woman sleeping nightmares. No need to relate it to the myth. It’s natural anxiety that sometimes there are hidden below the conscious and revealed in a dream while sleeping. Therefore, sharing the ups and downs are very important between husband and wife during pregnancy to reduce the burden of mental and physical stress.


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