Tips to arouse your senses

Here are some tips, suggested by the expert, to arouse your senses…

1. Move in front of the mirror, so the two of you get front-row seats for the evening show.

2. Make eye contact with each other and let each other know that you have a deep connection. Don’t close your eyes during lovemaking; it makes your partner feel that you’re bringing someone else into the imagination.

3. Porn is great, if your partner is game but do not overdo this and neither expect partner to perform like a porn star forcibly. Let it happen naturally.

4. Keep the lights soft and filtered, as too bright lighting can detract from the ambience.

5. For special evenings, nothing adds romance like the warm glow of candles.

6. You can even try doing a strip tease for each other on some romantic number.

1. Pheromones, the perfume of sexual attraction (produced by your body naturally) can be a great turn-on but make sure your partner is comfortable with it.

2. Rose petals can either be stewed on the bed or you can take a sensual bath with rose petals in the tub. Other herbal aphrodisiacs like jasmine, rose and ylang ylang can also be tried.

3. Gently wipe your light bulbs with a thin coat of perfumed oil and it’ll send calming or sensual scents throughout the bedroom.

4. Sprinkle dusting powder on your sheets to make them fragrant and silky. Scented sachets of lavender and rosemary also add to the air of romance.

5. Slightly menthol scented hygiene washes can be used to wash your body for that fresh tingly smell.

6. Use a mint or a mouth freshener before you kiss your partner.

1. Get some sensual food items to bed like chocolate sauce, strawberries, grapes or whipped cream to explore the world of sexy tastes.

2. Bring a few flavored warming massage oils that come in multiple flavors like strawberry, cherry and banana. These sexy oils not only create heat and lubrication, they taste good, too!

3. Hand-feed each other fruits with curious textures, like pomegranates or lychees. The sugar and unique feel of the fruit on her lips and tongue can serve up an arousing double shot of pleasure.

4. Drink champagne from sexy champagne glasses, caress the long stem and lick each other’s lips – this is mind blowing too.

5. Edible underwear in different flavors can also be experimented with.

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