Update on submission of Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) requests for committee review

To: NF, ALR and HHA providers


Update on submitting informal dispute resolution (IDR) requests:

As set forth in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR INFORMAL DISPUTE RESOLUTION that accompany deficiency lists generated by state and federal surveys, all IDR requests should include the provider argument, supporting documentation (if any) and a copy of all deficiencies the provider is requesting be reviewed. 

In order to facilitate an objective review of IDR requests that are reviewed by committee, the entire request, including the disputed deficiencies, must be submitted to the Division with all HIPPA protected information removed, as well as all information that may identify the patient/resident and the provider. 

IDR requests that are not entirely redacted will be returned to the provider and may delay committee review. 

The HFEMSD Informal Dispute Resolution Policy details which IDR requests are subject to committee review and includes other criteria for submitting a request. The policy can be found at: 

Elaine Sabyan

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