why am i still single these days

Whenever I asked my friends (who already have kids) about the pain they felt from the time they became pregnant until they gave birth, many of them confirmed that labor and birth delivery is certainly painful. But if there’s one good thing about pain during birthing, they said that it quickly fades away the moment they heard the sound of their baby crying.
According to studies, the pain experienced during labor varies from women to women and even from pregnancy to pregnancy. And it is absolutely correct. Based on the birthing experiences of my dear friends, they say that giving birth to a baby boy is always more painful than giving birth to a baby girl especially, if he is your first child.
I love babies because I consider them as one of the greatest blessings. And if ever I will be given a chance to choose what gender I want, I would love to have a baby boy. But I admit that pain during labor and delivery are some of the things I worry much about having a baby. This is also among the reasons why I sometimes do not want to marry yet (despite my current age which is 28) because I know the moment I settle, I will be pregnant a few months after. And if you will ask my capacity to deal pain, I will score myself 6 from the scale range of 1 as the lowest and 10 as the highest.
But while browsing the latest news in cnn.com, the article of Madison Park about relaxing while giving birth through hypnobirthing catches my attention. Hypnobirthing according to Mr Wikipedia is a term used in the medical field referring to the process of using hypnosis or hypnotheraphy (which is usually self-applied) in childbirth.
In Parks’ write-up, she mentioned that the philosophy behind this particular birthing approach, according to experts, is to remove the fear being experienced by most women when it comes to giving birth. In hypnobirthing, a soon-to-be mom is being trained how to calm her body and mind to a state of self-hypnosis. Through this, they become more prepared in giving birth and with less anxiety. CNN correspondent Park likewise added that hypnobirthing is already becoming a popular practice for expectant moms these days especially in US and UK. More and more pregnant women including child-bearing celebrities namely Jessica Alba, Tiffani Thiessen, and model Miranfa Kerr are considering to take advantage of the mentioned pre-birthing techniques.

After reading this news feature, I immediately search the web if there are now hypnobirthing experts here in the Philippines teaching for the said pre-birthing technique. And glad to say, there are some.

Hmm, would this be a perfect signal for me to say “I Do” to the one I love?

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